Hopefully Unfinished

I wrote this album as a full-time college student, working 3 ministry positions and I had just learned how to play the guitar. You will notice right away that this album is very ‘raw.’ And for good reason. I wrote the album in very obscure places including the top of a dugout at Chuck Ryder field in Venice, at the beach, in my closet (yup), at my college and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. Then I recorded it all in my little apartment in Sarasota, Florida with the cheapest gear I could get because I was a broke college kid.

You’ll notice also that the songs are all over the place. I’d like to think I’ve grown up a lot since this album! Haha. Honestly, though, this album is always a reminder of my first few years knowing Jesus and growing a ton by the grace of God. This album was also written when I was falling in love with my, now, wife Deanna. So it’s fun to listen to songs like ‘Miss You Everyday’ because it takes me back to New York City where we started dating. And songs like ‘Sing to Me,’ that take me back to the very, very beginning of my walk with the Lord.

I also wasn’t a very good guitar player! HA!! So leaving this album available, in a way, is some vulnerability I allow out for people to hear. I mean, come on, I even rap on this album! What was I thinking!?!?!?