Motion Sick

The big theme of this album is ‘Change.’ Most the songs came from a time in my life where I started a new job, just got married and right after my brother died in a car accident. It was an absolutely trying time for me and a time that relying on the Lord was absolutely essential. Songs like ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and ‘Motion Sick’ were written in a response to feeling like i was just going through the motions and still serving Jesus but with a lack of zeal and passion. In other words, a lot of this album was written in my conviction. Thankfully, God grabbed a hold of me and radically transformed my life and gave me the courage to quit my job, sell a lot of my stuff, pack a car and just hit the road to share the gospel.

As you listen through this album I hope you can feel a wrestling with the Lord. Kind of like Jacob wrestling with God in Genesis 32. And ultimately, God won (easily, I might add).